Strategic Consulting

Consumers have become more sophisticated in how they receive and process marketing messages. A proliferation of media channels means its more and more difficult to get your message heard. Potential and existing customers expect brands to understand their needs and provide content and offers that are relevant to them. In this clutter and confusion, marketers seek to have their messages rise above the cacophony and connect with consumers.

Knowing what your target audience wants is the key to relationship marketing. Concinnity understands the importance of using data-driven insights to create marketing solutions that build profitable, long-term customer relationships.

We use a consistent and collaborative approach when engaging with our clients. We work with your team to evaluate the current situation, ascertain what the relationship marketing opportunity is, create a vision for taking advantage of that opportunity, and develop a roadmap to get there.

Specifically, Our Strategic Consulting process provides:

  • Comprehensive assessment of existing strategies and tactics
  • Customer profile analysis
  • Vision document with goal setting
  • Solution roadmap
  • Measurement plan