Rick Freiberg

Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Rick joined Concinnity Marketing in 2006. Prior to Concinnity, Rick worked for an assortment of organizations including RJ Reynolds Tobacco, Volvo, Novant Health, Tyco, and EDS. Rick worked on many software development projects and in the marketing information systems department at RJR. As CTO of Concinnity, Rick works with the leadership team to ensure the systems infrastructure is meeting the needs of our clients and our company. Rick is involved in client engagement to ensure the resources required to successfully complete projects. Rick enjoys working with our clients and leveraging different technology to ensure our clients have successful marketing initiatives.

Rick’s Passion

Rick has always loved the outdoors. He spent his childhood wandering through the rain forests of Panama and hiking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. In his early twenties, Rick served in the military for eight years, which allowed him to explore the wild. His love of the outdoors in early years has translated into a love of running and hiking. Rick recently pushed his strength and endurance to the limit by successfully completing the Tough Mudder 12mile in South Carolina. Along with the outdoors, Rick enjoys driving his MINI Cooper S that his family has named Zippy.