Neil Linnell

Partner and Chief Client Officer

Neil’s career has been focused on delivering the right message to the right people. Before joining Concinnity in 2004, he spent time at new-media agency Spin Communications and Information Resources, Inc, working with clients in CPG, retailing, advertising and home furnishings. His career has encompassed analyzing reams of data and searching for meaningful pieces of information. Neil’s focus is organizing and presenting information that it is relevant, timely, and easily understood by the intended audience. As CCO of Concinnity, Neil continues to focus on this concept by working with clients to craft marketing strategies and tactics to deliver targeted messaging with the right frequencies, channels and offers.

Neil’s Passion

Music has always been a passion for Neil. He grew up in a musical household, played in orchestras and bands throughout high school, and started his career by managing a compact disc retail store. While Neil is a fan of almost all types of music, he’s always been drawn to acoustic folk and bluegrass—he even tried playing the banjo in the 6th grade (it didn’t take). For years after college, Neil was an avid consumer of music but had given up making music. About the time Neil joined Concinnity, he also decided to give playing music another try and bought a mandolin. This time it took and now Neil enjoys spending time learning new tunes, jamming with friends & strangers, and attending bluegrass camps and festivals. He’s learned to live by the words of his bluegrass mentor, Pete Wernick: “If it sounds good, it must be good.”