Millard Harris

Senior Systems Architect

Millard has been a programmer/analyst consultant for various types of companies over the past years and has been exposed to many sides of these businesses. He has brought his wealth of knowledge and programming techniques to the Concinnity Marketing team. As the Senior Programmer/Architect he is responsible for developing/designing databases, producing back-end program code and application development across various platforms and environments. His whole focus is on making sure the technology matches the needs of clients for any given situation and that the solutions are implemented in a way that is most beneficial.

Millard’s Passion

Millard has played the piano since he was five years old. He learned to play by ear while his older siblings were taking lessons. Once they finished practicing, he would emulate what they were playing. He was soon put on a path to learn classical music and music theory. Millard took lessons as he was growing up—even though he was more interested in playing football. After he left high school, he stopped playing for a few years but got the itch to play again later in life. Since then, he has produced or reproduced songs for various non-professional singing groups. This is something he has grown to love and has put together a studio of instruments to accomplish this ambition. Music gives him something fun to do when and if he has some down time.