Kelly Cavanaugh

Account Executive

As a leader in client service at Concinnity, Kelly balances the role of content strategy, project execution and campaign success with ease.  Kelly's attention to detail, effective communication and impact on each customer's sales and marketing goals makes her an asset to both small and large companies.  Her strength lies in the analysis behind each direct marketing and online communication campaign, where she outshines the competition.  In addition to managing existing client relationships, Kelly is an active member of the company's new business development team. 

Kelly's Passion

In addition to her role at Concinnity, Kelly is a wife and mother to three beautiful daughters.  She enjoys being outside (especially at the beach!), learning new things, playing the piano and singing in her church.  She is also lead singer of "Fine By Me" and performs at events across the state.  Kelly has been a resident of Winston Salem for over 18 years after opening a map and looking for somewhere warmer than New Hampshire, where she spent one too many winters during college.