Andy Stash

Web Developer/Data Analyst

As a web developer, Andy is responsible for the design, layout and coding of websites. He is involved with all technical and graphical aspects of our work. His skill set is extensive and includes a large list of front-end web technologies such as: HTML5 / XHTML, CSS2.1 / CSS3, JavaScript / Ajax, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Web Development, Cross-Platform Development, CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc), Data Formats (e.g. JSON, XML), and SEO.

Along with web development at Concinnity, Andy performs data management, integration and analysis for clients. These responsibilities include importing, cleaning, transforming, validating and modeling data with the purpose of understanding and making conclusions from the data.

Andy’s Passion

Andy has always enjoyed tinkering in the garage. Fixing his daily driver is always something he handles by himself. When Andy and his wife bought their first home, he was able to continue his interests in repairing vehicles. Andy is not bias to any one car or make as long as they all smell of oil and rumble down the road. Andy’s personal collection includes a ‘65 Ford Mustang, ‘76 Ford Mustang, ‘80 BMW320i, ‘66 MG Midget, ‘86 Porsche 944, and his most recent addition and first motorcycle, a 1977 BMW R100S. After buying the motorcycle sight unseen, Andy’s restoration plans are extensive but with his dedication he hopes to fully restore the bike to a proper road machine and to acquire his motorcycle license.