Database Services

Your marketing database is the cornerstone of everything you do. That’s why Concinnity commits our most senior-level people to each database implementation. The primary factor that sets us apart from other database providers in the hands-on-attention our CEO and Chief Technology Officer give to each database design and implementation.

Concinnity uses a world class proprietary database design that starts with a database template perfected in numerous business-to-consumer and business-to-business solutions. Starting with a robust database template allows Concinnity to focus on organizing the data that is unique to your business. This process dramatically reduces the cost and time required to implement one of our database solutions.

The best databases require robust inbound and outbound processing to ensure that the database stays accurate and relevant. Concinnity has developed a toolset of best in class standardization, merge purge, normalization and tracking to processes to ensure that the database is up-to-date. Concinnity integrates with both internally developed or third party campaign management and reporting tools to provide our clients with the best solution at the right price.