Database Audit

Marketing databases are complex collections of processes, technologies, and data that are constantly in-motion and adapting to various business requirements. Your database is one of the biggest assets of your sales and marketing organizations. Similar to your car, your database needs regular tune-ups. Much like a car inspection, the database audit can turn up some issues and opportunities including ways to save money and improve database performance.

Whether your company manages their own database or outsources it to a database service provider, a database audit provides a roadmap on where the database can be improved and where database performance can be improved. Concinnity provides an unbiased, independent review of your company’s database solutions to help identify issues before they become critical errors.

Concinnity uses a consistent auditing process that examines database design, data collection, data processing, data quality, and merge/purge routines. We evaluate what the database is used for and assess how well it is accomplishing those tasks.

Concinnity’s Approach

Our approach involves 3 phases:

  • Interview Key Stakeholders
  • Data/Structure/Process Analysis
  • Reporting and Implementation

Concinnity’s Audit Areas

Our process includes analysis of the following areas:

  • Database Utilization and Strategic Asset Assessment
  • Data Accuracy Analysis
  • Relational Integrity Analysis
  • Key data element coverage
  • Channel deliverability vs Industry Standards
  • Response Rate Analysis vs Industry Standards
  • Vendor Service Level Agreement Reporting
  • Toolset Integration Analysis
  • Policy and Legislative Compliance Analysis
  • Recommendations for Improvement. This includes a roadmap to be used to improve upon areas of weakness

Concinnity recommends conducting a database audit every 12 to 18 months. It is critical to use an independent company that has experience managing similar databases, has a defined audit process and has the resources to manage the process in a two month time frame.

If you would like to arrange an audit of your company’s marketing database please contact Chris Gunzenhauser at