Data Management

Data can be overwhelming. Many companies do not know how to unlock the knowledge that their data holds. That’s where we come in. We analyze your data and convert it into knowledge that can be acted on, which results in improved marketing campaigns that are direct, personally relevant and timely.

Having relevant, up-to-date customer information is key to building and enhancing your relationship with your customers. We use a customized data management system to make your customer data work harder for you. Our methods ensure that you have the accurate customer information you need to make sound marketing decisions.

Our process uses a combination of technology and human insight to deliver data services that are customized to your specifications, time to meet your requirements, scalable to meet your needs today and in the future, and affordably priced to work within your budget.

Our Data Services Include:

  • Data audit – quality, coverage, consistency
  • Data integration – 1st and 3rd party data
  • Merge/Purge
  • NCOA (National Change of Address)
  • Name and address standardization
  • Data enrichment (Internally sourced data, demographic, lifestyle, etc.)
  • House-holding